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How Do I Schedule a Reading?

Simply email me at and we can find a mutually agreeable day and time.  Your reading can take place online through Zoom or in person.  I give readings in Montclair, New Jersey and New York City.

How Do I Pay for a Reading?

Please use the Paypal link on the homepage of my website or log in and send direct payment to my Paypal address which I can furnish.  I charge $75 for a 30-minute and $40 for a 15-minute reading.

Cancellations/Rescheduling/Refund Policy

Cancel or reschedule your appointment by contacting me at  If you cancel your appointment at least 8 hours in advance, I am happy to reschedule or refund your fee.  However, please know that there is no refund or rescheduling available with less than 8 hours notice. 

How do I Prepare?  What Should I Expect?

A medium acts as a communication intermediary between a client sitter and his or her loved ones on other side.

Readings are surprising.  You may expect to hear from a certain person, but we cannot predict the identities of the spirits who show up to speak to you.  It may be a deceased parent, grandparent, spouse, child, co-worker, former neighbor, or love interest.  If you wish to hear from a specific person, invite them to come through ahead of time, then during our reading tell me their first name, and I will try to connect to them.

Intent's important: my intent as a medium and your intent as a sitter, so please approach your reading with positivity.  Good vibes make for good readings.

Mediumship is detective work along with a game of charades.   Who do we have?  What are they trying to say?  Sometimes spirits give me words and other times they send pictures or thoughts.  While I can describe a spirit's character, appearance, and generational relationship to you, unless a spirit makes clear who they are, I may ask you to validate who we have through bits of evidence that I bring through.  One time a spirit sent me a clip from the scene of the stripper's dressing room from the film "Gypsy," complete with sound.   My sitter was a fairly conservative woman with a PhD in education so I hesitated to pass along what I was seeing; but as fate would have it, when I did my client immediately came back with,  "Oh, that would be my mother."   

I constantly look for validation to determine whether or not you recognize who I'm bringing through or understand what I am passing along by asking you questions like, "Can you take that?", "Does that make sense to you?" or "Can you understand?"  Simple responses work best such as, "Yes, I can take that,"  "Yes, I understand," or conversely "I'm not sure."

Let the conversation flow.  Spirits tend to talk about their former life in general and with you, your present circumstances, and what went right and what went wrong when they were here.  They may explain, send memories, voice opinions, or offer advice about things that are going on with you, but spirits aren't soothsayers.  They rarely predict the future, although while talking about a deceased sister's high school aged children, living with her ex-husband, a spirit said, "they'll be gone the first minute they can."  While we want spirits to have their say, please don't hesitate to ask me questions -- even if you feel that you have to interrupt me.  I don't mind.  If the spirit's going on and on, I may too.  The spirit will hear your question and probably answer it right away.

Finally, please avoid drinking alcohol or imbibing anything that interferes with your consciousness before our reading.

What is Zoom?  How do I use it?

Unless I'm working with you in person, I give my readings through Zoom, interactive communication software that let's us see and hear each other.   Please have Zoom downloaded into your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone before our scheduled appointment.  Set up your free account through After I receive your payment I'll send you a link to copy and paste in your browser to activate our Zoom session.  Be sure to have both your audio and visual capabilities working.

I sincerely look forward to working with you!

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