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How Do I Schedule a Reading?

I schedule my readings between 6 and 8 PM Mon-Thurs and all day on Fri-Sat-Sun EST.  Simply email me, and we'll find a mutually convenient day and time.   

How Do I Pay For a Reading?

Click on the Paypal button on my homepage or use my direct Paypal address:

Cancellations/Rescheduling/Refunding Policy

When you make an appointment with a medium, you're also making an appointment with your loved ones in spirit.  While sometimes a spirit appears in my mind's eye and starts keeping me company as soon as a client makes an appointment, generally they don't show up until the day and time that they're expected.  Since I prepare for each reading in advance through meditation and invitation, should you need to cancel or reschedule please provide the spirits and I at least 24 hours notice by email.  We are happy to find another day and time.  If you make an appointment and fail to reschedule and fail to show, I apologize but there is no refund.  If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice and prefer a refund, I'm happy to do so.

How Should I Prepare?  What Should I Expect?

I do best in a one-on-one environment, so I ask that you please attend the reading by yourself.  More than one person is distracting and may compromise the quality of your reading.

After we set a mutually agreeable day and time, I will send you a Zoom link.  Please have Zoom downloaded into your PC, laptop, phone, or device, and log into your Zoom link a few minutes before your appointment time. 

Please don't drink alcohol or ingest anything that may alter your consciousness before your reading.

Please make sure that your cell phone ringer is turned off or is set to vibrate or do not disturb.

I cannot predict who among your deceased family and friends will show up from the other side.   Your communicator(s) can be anyone: a parent, a sibling, an old friend, a grand uncle, or a former coworker.  Once, I saw a clear image of an older woman sitting in a lawn chair staring at my sitter.  When I described her, my sitter said, "Oh my God.  That's the woman who lived next door when I was growing up.  She'd sit in a lawn chair and watch my family and I.  She's harmless."   Awhile into your reading, if the person from whom you want to hear from has not come through, mention his or her first name and I will try to reach them on the other side.

Intention is important.  Believe that your loved ones will show up.  Think positively.  When a sitter is optimistic, the energy of the reading flows.  

At some point I'll ask you whether you have a question, so you may want to think of a subject for which you'd like guidance from the other side.

After I start your reading I'll periodically ask for validation.  When I do, let me know if am -- or I am not -- on the right road by saying, "Yes, I can take that," or "Yes, I can understand that about this person."  Conversely, if the information that I'm giving doesn't make sense simply respond with, " I'm not sure" or "I don't remember that."  While I do need confirmation, please don't volunteer too many details about your deceased.  Let me unfold your story naturally and maintain my contact with the other side.  


While a spirit may express an opinion about circumstances in your life, they generally aren't able to predict the future. 

Smile.  Good vibes make for good readings.

What is Zoom?

I give my readings through Zoom.  Zoom software is free and allows people to connect audially and visually via PC, laptop, tablet, or phone.  It lets me see and hear you, and you see and hear me.  You'll need to have opened a free  Zoom account ahead of time.  (Find Zoom at  As soon as we set our appointment, I'll send you a link to our Zoom session so that you can log into your reading at your appointed day and time.  


Medium Gail   .   .

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