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How Do I Schedule a Reading?

Simply email me at and we can find a mutually agreeable day and time.

How Do I Pay for a Reading?

Please use the Paypal link on the homepage of my website or log into Paypal and direct payment to  
I charge $75 for a 30-minute reading.

Cancellations/Rescheduling/Refunding Policy

Cancel or reschedule your appointment by contacting me at  If you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, I am happy to reschedule or refund your fee.  However, please know that there are no refunds or rescheduling available with less than 24 hours notice. 

How to I Prepare?  What Should I Expect?

Readings are surprising.  Although you may expect to hear from a certain person, we can never be sure who will show up to speak to you from the other side.  It may be your parent, grandparent, spouse, or child, or it may be an old co-worker or a former neighbor.  If you do want a specific person to come through, try inviting them to come to your reading.

Intent is important: my intent as a medium and yours as a sitter, so please approach your reading with positivity.  Good vibes make for good readings.

Periodically I'll look for validation to determine whether or not you recognize who I'm bringing through or understand what I'm describing, so please reply with simple, neutral affirmations such as, 'Yes, I can take that,' or 'Yes, I understand that,' or 'No, I'm not sure about that.'

Please avoid drinking alcohol or imbibing anything that interferes with your consciousness beforehand


How to I Use Zoom?

After I receive your payment I will send you a link to copy and paste in your browser to activate our Zoom appointment, so please have Zoom downloaded into your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone beforehand.  You may find Zoom at   .

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